Black Women's Improvement Project (BWIP)

In ONE Quote, Why BWE Exists and Why You’d Better Pass the Memo.

One quote from the Madame Noire cluster-cuss today stood out to me, and it encapsulated WHY the BWE is necessary–essential to our very survival. Now ya’ll know I’m not all “the house is on fire, the house is on fire!” kind of blogger, but this is why BWE and interracial relationships are inexcapably related.

“Edward” said this:

Ladies. Calm down. Why do u get so bent outta shape abt things u already know? U hate the fact that black men have replaced u for women of other races leavin you desperate and lonely. U do this to yourselves. You want us to accept you the way you are and thats not good enough. Your ugly, overweight, uneducated, attitude havin bytches. Who wants that? White men dont want to date you either. No one wants you. You are the bottom of the totem pole to the point that if a guy dates you that it is seen as an act of desperation. But you arent entirely uselsess like I said Ill pound a black woman out real good. But you already know this. Other brothers feel the same ladies. Listen and learn. Listen and learn. You’re losing.

Tell me, oh Gaudians of All Things Dark & Lovely, what the hayell is supposed to endear us to some (many, a whole dang lot) of black men who think this way about us? Talk about hate sites, there’s a bunch of these places where the very men who are supposed to love and protect us spit on us. You, “keep black hope alive” sistas who come on here from LHCF and Lipstick Alley and say we hate black men, what the EFF do you have to say about that? Oh. Of course you’ll dismiss it, make an excuse, say the guy is just crazy or a troll. But HEY! raise your hand if anyone has ever said this to your face.

*raises hand*

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