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Was Your Interracial Relationship Accepted By Your Families?


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In a perfect world, interracial marriages and relationships would be happily accepted. Since we are not in a perfect world (far from it) some people have to deal with unaccepting in-laws, siblings and people who they thought were friends. How does his family feel about your relationship to date, court, love or marry a black woman?   We always hear about how white (and other non black) families are reluctant to accept a black daughter in law but what about black families?  Was your family accepting of your choice to marry a non black male?  I believe that black people tend to me more accepting but…

I do know a black woman who ended up getting a divorce from her husband because they couldn’t take the social pressure from her family — even after having children.  What kind of message does that send to the children?  If you have no backbone, or are not willing to stand up for yours, you have no business in an interracial relationship or marriage.  One lady’s’ father I know died never having spoken to her again because she married a white man. I found that sadly tragic.

In my situation, my parents and in-laws got along terrifically with each other.  Our folks got along from day one and did things together without us because my husband lived in a different state. I could not have been better blessed.

My sister, was also fortunate in that her white husband’s mother introduced them. She felt my sister would be good for her son and Mama was right They are going on 20 years!

What are your experiences? thoughts?

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