Issa Ray Pisses off the Religious Innanets With “Crips4Christ” Rap Parody

I adore satire, when done right, it causes equal parts confusion and introspection. In my opinion, the best statements are those done with a grain of salt dug into an festering wound. The Black community and the consumer at large is becoming more critical of what passes as Rap Music these days.

The rap pioneers of decades gone by have been making much noise about the quality and content of mainstream urban Hip Hop.

Issa Ray, your favorite Awkward Black Girl and mine, has created an opportunity for the Christian Innanets to lose their collective wig with her new video “Christ Walk” by the fictitious rap group Crips4Christ.

I mean, if you find irony in the fact that the most devout ignorant spewing gangsta artists can discuss death in one sentence and then raise his hand to praise the Lord during his B.E.T. music award speech, then you’ll giggle at this video.

You can see the video along with the Youtube commenters here.

You can watch Facebook revolt on the Afropunk page here.

So what do you think?
Did she go too far by making fun of Crips who genuinely love Christ or is she on point with her reflection of the coonery that is celebrated, and promoted in Urban entertainment right along with the name of OL&S (Our Lawd and Savior)?
I tee-hee’d something fierce, but you already know that…..
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