No Wedding, No Womb!

Jay From Philly E-Kicks Dr. Goddess Off Her Cloud of Ignorance!

Last year, a Twitter bully named “Dr Goddess” became a tick biting on my left arse cheek when she hounded me along with her merry band of ignoramuses. Basically, she said I had no right to speak on black issues since I married a white dude. In comes Jay From Philly riding on his horse to defend my honor and the NWNW principle, and he emailed me a response on her blog that he thought would never see the light of day. Well guess what? Not only is Jay’s comment going to get the shine it deserves, I’m gonna Tweet Dr. (non)Goddess and her merry band of ignoramuses she she knows.

Just take a read:


Dr. Goddess,
This is my first visit to this blog, so I’ll disclose a few things about myself first. First, I am a married white man, so the NWNW campaign was not aimed at me. Second, as the son of a civil rights activist father and a hippie mother I grew up in the culture of American liberalism. I believed in the struggle for social justice which I understood as a cause that intertwined civil rights, feminism, environmentalism and labor. My views on all of that changed when I took a job as a corrections officer and ended up working in something few white Americans ever see, the belly of the Black American underclass.

My wife (then girlfriend) worked in a huge municipal facility with many thousands of people. She would remark to me that she got along better with her Black coworkers than her white ones. When we got engaged the white girls oohed and aahed and squealed over the ring on her finger. The Black women, most of them unwed mothers, suddenly became cold and distant when the subject of her engagement came up. Being married was an absolutely foreign idea to them.
Fifty years of Great Society social programs have created an intractable permanent underclass. The ghetto is now on the third or fourth generation raised entirely on government welfare. They are the grandchildren of the crack babies, lost almost from the womb. Fathers are entirely absent, and mothers are now disappearing as well. Children are raised (or not) by older siblings or a harried great-grandmother. They are told that only suckers work and that people who are kind are weak. At school they are socially promoted, allowed to bully others and assault the teacher. They have sex at a ridiculously young age but don’t use condoms and have babies just to brag about how many “b*tches” they “f*cked” (It was bragged to me many times by inmates, don’t try to tell me different). Going to jail is something that’s expected and you are not a real man until you do some time. They don’t have the skills or work ethic to do anything anybody wants to pay to have done. Life is cheap, no one can think beyond the next hour, and no one lives long enough to gain wisdom through hard knocks to keep the next generation from being lost.

Don’t blame racism. Previous generations of Black men who lived through Jim Crow and slavery married the mothers of their children and provided for their families. And African immigrants are hard-working and married to the mothers of their children, so I don’t know where this “Parentless households are the African way” theory comes from. White people don’t hate the Black underclass, they have simply written them off. The lid has been kept on for a good long time, but now a government debt crisis looms, and the taxpayer funds needed to sustain the ethnically monochromatic hellhole of crime, pollution, hopelessness, guns, drugs, and death you extol are getting turned off. God help us when that day comes.

The women of No Wedding No Womb are not sellouts or elitists. They are women who have pulled themselves up by their own bootstraps and they want for themselves what most women have wanted throughout history: A man who will stay by their side, a man who will provide for her and their children. Is it really that much to ask? If monogamy and marriage are for white people, and if they find it with a white man, why does that bother you, Dr. Goddess? More Black men for you, right?

Yes, you showed some high profile cases of white men leaving their wives. But white men don’t abandon their women and children at the rate Black men do. They don’t. You know it and I know it. These women seem pretty happy with their white husbands and tan-skinned children, Dr. Goddess. They’re not hurting you.

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