Jeff and Renée – A Relationship That Was Worth One Last Look

Sometimes, it’s just worth giving your online dating account one last look before you close up shop.

That was definitely the case for Jeff, 54, and Renée, 44, who were both about to close their accounts when Renée’s profile showed up in Jeff’s inbox. He decided he had to contact her. There was just something about this fellow East coaster that caught his eye.

“He said he read my profile online and liked that I had a sense of humor, an advance degree and big boobs,” Renée says.

(Gotta give the man props for honesty!)

Under the

Under the “LOVE” sculpture in Philly. Renee says Jeff was checking out her cleavage in this shot!

After emailing back and forth a couple times, they decided to meet Friday of the same week at a restaurant in downtown D.C. called Cedar.

“He looked so nervous so instead of shaking his hand when he offered it, I hugged him,” Renée says. “He seemed to instantly calm down. We ate, talked, laughed, then went to a French film down the street. As we were leaving he asked me out again which surprised me since I was queen of the ‘one date wonders’.”

They’ve been together ever since – for two years and counting. After all, as Renée puts it, “Any man that will sit thru a French film is a keeper.” On top of this, Jeff won her over by being sweet, funny and very easy to talk to.

“We value communication,” Renée says. “We don’t argue about things. We talk and get to the root of the issue, resolve it then forgive and move on.”

On top of the attraction to foreign film and a strong commitment to communication, Jeff and Renée also share a lot of common interests. They love bicycling, movies, traveling, museums, cooking/eating, cross-country skiing and kayaking.

Biking to Lake Artemesia

Biking to Lake Artemesia

They also share a deep desire for strong family bonds, they both love physical touch and intimacy, and they both value freedom – especially when it comes to maintaining the delicate balance between spending time together and devoting time pursuing their individual interests.

One thing they do not have in common is a love for the same type of music.

“I always say the hardest part of dating IR is the music,” Renée jokes. “I love African and Armenian music. He likes Nick Lowe and the BoDeans. I’m not even sure what genre that is. LOL It’s fun to learn about what he likes.”

Renée says that their friends and family were initially surprised but very supportive of the relationship.

“My friends were happy for me,” she says. “They loved that I’d found someone to bike, kayak and go to foreign films with. And they like that I’m happy. I think my family was a little surprised he was white but they have been very welcoming to Jeff and his has been very welcoming of me. We spent the holidays with each other’s families last year and it was great. His niece said, ‘She’s a keeper, Uncle Jeff; I’ve never seen you so happy.’ So I think they like me.”


At this point in their relationship, there’s talk of wedding bells sometime in the future. We wish them all the best and hope they let the Beyond Black and White community celebrate with them – albeit virtually – when the time comes!

Words of wisdom about relationships from Renée: Communicate with them, which includes talking and LISTENING. Hear them out before you formulate what you will say next. Take time for yourself to do things you love so you have something to talk about and share with them when you get together.

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