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Jim and Allie – Timing Is Everything

Jim and Allie 2

Allie, 46, and Jim, 44, met 23 years ago, when she was a recently-graduated student at the Coast Guard training center where Jim taught. At the time, she was dating his colleague, but she says she had a crush on him from the first day she met him.

“It was his confidence, and caring personality,” Allie says. “Not only did he look good, he was always nice to me. He admitted that he always had a little crush on me, but didn’t want to mess up our friendship.”

In the 23 years since their first encounter, Allie and Jim met and married other people but remained friends. A couple years ago, however, circumstances changed.

“Around Christmas time in 2013 we were chatting on Facebook, and mutually decided that I would go visit him since now we were both single,” Allie says. “I did, and we were inseparable since.”

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Their first date included a meal and romantic walk around Seattle. Even then, Allie says she knew that Jim was her love. That was one year and two months ago.

Jim and Allie Rings

As individuals, Allie says they’re both extremely laid back about everything. They haven’t experienced any huge cultural differences, except for what is normal between two people who grew up in different states and family environments.

They both love music, movies and experiencing new things. They also support each other’s passions: his is guitars, and hers is horses.

“My husband is my best friend, lover, companion, and soulmate,” Allie says. “Everyday I feel so blessed to have him in my life, and that’s all, along with our kids, that I focus on.”

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Allie and Jim are both retired military and have recently made the move from San Antonio to San Diego. They plan to continue to work for a few more years, then retire completely once their kids finish college.


Words of wisdom from Allie:

Be true to yourself and others, and eventually your soulmate will be standing in front of you. May take time, but life is full of lessons first so you know what you are looking for in the end. When you love yourself, others will see that and will want to be part of it.


All the best to you, Jim and the family as you start this next phase of life in California, Allie!

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