Jordan Harbinger to Join PINK PILL for Facebook LIVE Coaching Session!

This is going to be exciting…

If you haven’t yet heard of Jordan Harbinger, you might want to buckle in. Jordan is the former co-founder of The Art of Charm and is a networking coach and body language, expert. He will be joining us in our PRIVATE FACEBOOK PINK PILL GROUP on Tuesday, March 20 at 6:30 PM PST. He’ll be discussing the following:
–How to seamlessly work a room
–How to connect with key players in your field
–How to check the body language clues you unknowingly give away
–How to overcome social anxiety
–How to feel comfortable around new social settings
and so much more!
Jordan Harbinger is a Wall Street lawyer turned talk show host, social dynamics expert, and entrepreneur.

After hosting a top 50 iTunes podcast for over a decade that enjoyed nearly four million downloads a month at its zenith, Jordan has embarked on a new adventure: The Jordan Harbinger Show, where he deconstructs the playbooks of the most successful people on earth and shares their strategies, perspectives, and insights with the rest of us.

Jordan’s business sense, extensive knowledge of the industry, and contemporary approach to teaching make him one of the best and most sought-after coaches in the world.

If you’re already in the private group, congratulations! You’ll have access to the LIVE event as well as a recording afterward. ONLY enrollees of the Pink Pill course will have access to this event and many other coaching videos on our secret page, that will NEVER be public–it’s too revealing. If you are a black woman and are ready to level up and get access to the experts in the fields that will keep you winning, sign up here.
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