Keep Your Money: Aveda ‘Be Curly’ Line Is a Major Disappointment

I don’t usually do negative reviews. If I don’t like something, I just chuck it and keep it moving. I only report if I actually like the product and would use it and buy it. But this product is such a shabby attempt to capitalize off of the natural hair movement touting one of the crappiest formulas I’ve ever tried, all while trying to swindle you out of over $50 for a basic shampoo and conditioner that don’t even work for kinky, highly textured hair.

Let me first preface by saying that I was once an Aveda fan. I religiously bought their “Shampure” and “Damage Remedy” line. I loved the smell, the botanicals, the way it made my hair feel moisturized without feeling greasy–an essential when you are heat straightening your hair.

But as switched over to less heat straightening and a more natural state, I realized that the markedly overpriced Aveda was an exercise in money burning. I gave up the stuff for over six years and never looked back.

Until I got lured into an Aveda salon after seeing this sign:



Aveda now had a co-wash and a detangling mask in their ‘Be Curly’ line!

Here’s what the products promise:

Our sulfate-free, low-lather conditioning wash with certified organic babassu oil: gently cleanses your scalp moisturizes curls for up to 3 days reduces frizz, leaving curls soft and defined.


A rich, intensive masque with certified organic babassu oil and shea butter:

  • separates the most tangled curls
  • moisturizes curls and fights frizz
  • improves the look of curls with every use


Based on these summaries, I was (almost) ready to drop down the $24 and $27 for the co-wash and masque, but something told me to hold off. Probably had something to do with the massive amount of money I was already dropping for the kids’ back-to-school clothing. I opted to requesting a sample–two tiny cups each of the shampoo and conditioner.

The co-wash: It had a very low sudsing, and I was expecting that. But there was little to no consistency to the formula. It was like it disappeared in my hair and required a lot of product to feel like it was doing something. I rinsed and my hair felt clean, and a bit–squeaky. Squeaky alarms me, because it is often a harbinger for a very difficult detangling ahead.

The mask: Had virtually no slip, and again, required a lot of product. I thought I’d let it sit for a while under a plastic cap in hopes that the fabled detangling action would, well…activate. No such luck.


Look at how tangled my hair is. It’s three times as long as this but that stuff has my hair so jumbled and tangled!

My hair felt wiry and tangled, and I had to quickly replenish the moisture and improve the slip or there was going to be gobs of hair on the bathroom floor. I was soooo glad I hadn’t dropped over $50 for this wanna-be natural hair care line that products half the price does ten times better.

I feel like, if major brands are going to make an attempt to infiltrate the trendy black natural hair movement, they should at least be just as good as what I can buy at CVS.

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