Kerry’s BACK!! New Season of Scandal Premeires Tonight!!

If you don’t have your eyes peeled on the television, you’d better set your DVRs because Season Two of Scandal premieres tonight, and I for one can not wait to see where Shonda Rhimes et al. will go with the story line. As you know, Kerry Washington was kind enough to give BB&W an exclusive interview for Season One, and for that, Kerry can never, ever do any wrong. So even if her and the prez (no…no…nooo!!!) crash and burn, we’ll love her anyway.

Says Kerry in an interview for the Huffington Post: “I really trust these writers. Every time I’ve said, ‘Oh, it’d be cool if …’ I get the script and it’s 10 times better than any idea I could come up with. I’m just on the ride now. There’s that beautiful little symbol at the end of all of Shonda’s shows — this rollercoaster with a beating heart in the middle — and that really is the world. It’s a tremendous rollercoaster, and it’s so easy to trust the ride and enjoy it.”

Although she’s turning into a class A biotch, I’m really liking Kerry’s nemisis, the scheming First Lady.

What are you guys hoping for in the next season? Dish!

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