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Who Knew Asian Men Were This Sexy? More of Philippe, Host of the 100% Mixed Show


My new friend, Philippe Koo is truly one of the most beautiful Asian men I’ve ever seen in my life. His father is Chinese and his mother is German, and together they created a 100% mixed hunk of gorgeousness. He’s also the host of the 100% Mixed Show on You Tube, and I’m working on helping him expand his audience from mixed Asians to other varietals, as well as the couples who produce such humans.

Can we just take a little break to bask upon the hotness that is Philippe?




When Philippe isn’t producing his web channel, he’s busy traveling the world on his modeling gigs. He and I just had a sweet conversation while he was in Hong Kong on a shoot. We talked gardening, interracial relationships, and how we’re all really the same underneath.

Look and listen. Sweetest guy ever.

Oh! And you have to take a look at the video we did at UCLA’s Mixed Heritage Festival

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