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                             By Capt Smooth

Hello folks! I go by CAPT SMOOTH at BBW and I’ve enjoyed the many topics here but I tend to stick around the Off topic thread because we can open up anything for discussion. That includes film. Growing up, matinees were my refuge. My brother was born with a disability and the theater was a place where we could get away from the intolerance of obnoxious school kids. No matter how bad the school week was, we could find solace in a Coke and a bag of popcorn watching Jerry Lewis movies, cartoons and Three Stooges shorts! Hey! You can’t expect much from the 12 Coke bottle caps that you had to round up for a ticket. LOL! Later years we progressed to cheesy sci-fi films and John Wayne westerns. I can remember the first film I took a date to and the first one I took my brother to see when I got my drivers license. Let’s say movies have always been a big part of my life! I love watching them (mostly) and I love discussing them!


I’ve been around for a while now and noticed just what a smart group we have contributing here. I wanted to start a new topic focussing on Americas love affair with films. The ones that inspired you, entertained you and/or educated you! The movies that represent the best moments in your life.  What was the first movie you saw on a date? How about a film that you bonded with your dad over! What was the first film you took your child or children to see in a theater? Perhaps even, the first film you remember seeing in a theater?


Let’s discuss the new films and the classics. If you want to suggest a great but under appreciated film that you like, here’s your chance. Let’s discuss your favorite Directors, from Fellini to Hitchcock to Spielberg to Hughes. I’d like to bring up your favorite actors/actresses, also, and their bodies of work. What are your favorites of their films? As long as it is related to cinema, no question or comment is off limits. Keep in mind though, the more obscure the film the less likely you will get a lot of responses.


At times we’ll be adding and accepting trivia questions! Lets make it fun and educational!


I’d like to use the same fast paced style as that of the Off Topic Thread. If we are talking directors and you want to bring up a film you saw and liked recently you may want to change course. Go for it. We want to keep the conversation fun and easy! We’re a smart crew and can handle more than one topic at a time!


Now for the rules and guidelines. 

1. It would be nice to keep this a politics free zone because it distracts from the main topic and there are plenty of other places at BBW to argue over that. 

2. We should also keep the criticism pertaining to the films and not the commenters that endorse them. One mans Citizen Kane could be another mans Pee Wees Big Adventure.  

3. We need spoiler alerts. Try not to give away endings. The best way to describe a film is by using a link to the trailer on YouTube or the entry on IMDB.com. 

4. Don’t disparage a film because you don’t like the Director or lead actors politics! I am a serious lefty but that doesn’t mean I won’t watch “Bedtime for Bonzo” or a Clint Eastwood film.  Seperate the actors work from their private lives.  

Let’s try to keep it civil! Trolls will not be tolerated!

Join in!


What was the first grown-up movie you remember seeing in a nice theater where you could walk to your seat without stepping on juju bees, popcorn and raisinettes?



I’ll get the ball rolling. My family was living in a suburb of Dallas Texas at the time and we went to one of those grand old theaters with one huge screen (yes, that’s how old I am) and the curtains would pull back before the trailers would show. Back then there weren’t any commercials besides the ones to sell refreshments in the lobby. It was 1968 and the film was “The Odd Couple” with Walter Mathau and Jack Lemmon. I was probably to young to understand most of it, but I will remember that experience till my death or senility hits me one way or another! It would be years later when the tv show launched that I was mature enough to get it!





Okay folks let’s have some fun with this!




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