Black Women's Empowerment

This Letter Right Here…

…Is why I do what I do, and endure what I endure. I don’t know how this little angel knew I needed this, but boy, did she make my week.




I am an 18 year old African American female from Indpls,Indiana and I just wanted to finally write to you and let you know that I am absolutely liberated by what you stand for. I am a bit of small quiet girl but I have dreams & goals more boisterous than ever. I have always had the dream of going all over the world to be an activist for social justice while being a nurse but now I’ve added the aspiration to seriously “shop around” while I’m out there! You along with other Youtubers have made me feel so beautiful and comfortable inside my own skin. When I visit your site or watch your videos it makes me realize that black women really are on top of the world. I used to just try and make myself believe it but now I know for a FACT that we’re really awesome. GO BWE ! I’m in college now and I use all the skills I’ve learned from you and Matthew Hussey. THEY REALLY WORK. I converse and flirt with the white guys, Chinese guys and even the Arabians. OH & I GO FOR THE “NERDS” too they’re actually pretty cool! I don’t waste my time on superficial folks. I don’t even get upset if the black guys don’t pay me much attention. I just go about my business and start SWIRLING! I go in with confidence and I don’t even once think of my ethnicity a.k.a my “BLACKNESS” lol Unless I’m having a serious “MHMM MOMENT” & thinking  “yeaa they’re going to love this chocolate” ha.

I was already a great girl with wisdom (so I’m told) but now I really feel like I’m ahead of the game. I feel so worthy and grateful to God for this breakthrough at such a young and tender age. This is such a great realization and I really want my fellow sistahs to feel this. If you have any suggestions on how I could go about enlightening them in the masses please let me know! Also I plan to host a mini “Loving Day” at my college Indiana State University. (I’m a freshman BTW)  I’m still planning everything out. I plan to have it spring 2014 and I would absolutely love if you could come to my college during that week or day or whenever to talk about swirling & or BWE! I will definitely get back to you when I have everything organized.

p.s. you and your family are gorgeous beautiful people and you have a good sweet soul Chris.

Much Love, I’ll keep you & THE BBW community posted on MY JOURNEY, especially when I STUDY ABROAD GIIIIRRRRLLL! ! ! Hey girl Heyyyy! ! ! !

*Namaste =) & GOD BLESS

!!!!! I love her. Her name is Lametra.

But I can’t a won’t take all the credit. I build the house, but all of you are the furniture, together we make a home.


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