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With all the news about Korea electing their first woman president, they are still experiencing joy, shock or disgust depending upon their politics.  They were pretty much divided as our own Nation was just a few short weeks ago.  I hope they can get back in the swing of things and the mode of business as usual soon.   I just welcome international news as it gives me a reason to fondly think of all my friends and family in the various places.  Korea is no different. 

I thought of all my Korean friends of course but even more of my black woman friends living in Korea either teaching or living with their Korean husbands and raising their families.  My friend Joy Richardson is in Korea with her 9 year-old son teaching English to children.  She is gaining some very rich experience and so is her son.  Joy is profiled as a “Woman On A Mission” on the Swirling and Marriage website.

It may surprise some that American sisters and African sisters are also living happily in Korea with their husbands and children.  I have seen this on the program called “Love in Asia” that airs on the KBS network their profiling foreigners married to Korean citizens.  Most have been women married to Korean men, but they do profile others.  Just an aside note, I have to give it to African women.  Most have no qualms about marrying interracially and moving to the US, Europe, Asia or Australia.  I recently became friends with Mirriam Simasiku-Kim, from Zambia.  Mirriam lives in Seoul with her husband Hyangmo, and sons Mwilima Yeryu and William Yewon.  Mirriam and her hubby met as scientists working on AIDS research.  This episode originally aired on September 8, 2009.  You can find more information on Mirriam and Hyangmo here (use an online translator, unless of course you speak Korean).

I have also seen Syamim and husband Jong Su Gwak with their son Min Jae.  Syamim is from Tanzania.  They seem to be such nice and lovely family.  This is their story that aired on Feb. 2, 2011 on an episode of “Love In Asia”.                                

I patiently waited for someone to upload this wonderful video to youtube again.  This is the love story of Mimi Milpin-Uk, husband Yih Yeong Uk, handsome son Geonwoo and gorgeous daughter Colony.  You do not have to speak Korean to understand the love between Mimi and Yih.  It was love at first site for Yih.  You can follow their story of life in Africa, losing their baby to malaria and deciding to go and live in Korea so their other children could have a chance.  You see Mimi cry remembering her mother (or sister) who has passed.

You see her African relatives all to happy to hear from Mimi and send her a message of love and happiness.    Life seems to be better in Seoul and Mimi has become quite resourceful in homemaking and contributing to her house hold.  She also helps women who are new to Korea with Korean husbands to get acclimated and shows them the ropes.  I am enjoying the fact that we have 2 Korean channels on the cable network here.  I think there may be more, but the package I have does not offer them.  Anyway,  Enjoy the videos!

Mimi, Geonwoo & Colony Uk


Part 1 

Part 2 

Part 3 

Part 4 

Part 5 


More on the Uk family.  .

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