Love Has EVERYTHING to Do With It: Tina Turner Finally to Marry Long-Time Rainbeau

Talk about the longest courtship ever. It looks like rock n’ roll songstress and DBR-dumper Tina Turner is set to finally marry her long time boyfriend of 27 years (!, really? 27?!) Erwin Bach. Tina Turner is an epic cougar–he’s 57 and she’s 73. Way to show ’em how it’s done, Tina!


Speaking of black women who never seem to age, I’m thinking Miss Turner (soon to be Missus Turner) is not only a cougar, but a vampire. But word to the wise, ladies, do NOT wait fricking 27 years to marry someone. And don’t even THINK about using this long-arse courtship as a reason to stay with that dude you been “engaged” to for the last decade, because as reports go, Erwin has asked Tina repeatedly to marry him and she declined. The ball was always firmly in her court.


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