“Loving” Trailer Shines a Mirror on What It was Really Like

If the “Loving” movie trailer is any indication of what the entire movie might be like, get ready to grab a box of tissues.

Imagine a world where the police can burst into you home and arrest you for SLEEPING WITH YOUR WIFE. Imagine an entire government ordering through legislation that you can not love and marry who you want out of a rabid desire to maintain white supremacy. Imagine being loved, honored and protected so much by your man that his country bumpkin self is willing to fight fire breathing dragons to keep his wife and family together.

When you stack up today’s relatively minor challenges to that kind of struggle, anything less seems so trivial.

If you believe in destiny, it was Mildred and Richard’s life we could use as a case study. In their stubbornness, they changed the trajectory of the world as all of us knew it. And when that victory was won, sadly Richard dies from a fatal car crash. It’s almost as if the universe kept him alive for as long as it took for the world to change, and then his work was done.

I often wonder what the world would have been like if Richard and Mildred didn’t walk fearlessly to their destiny. So glad to have never found out.


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