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Machine Gun Kelly Acts a Fool (AGAIN!) and Demonstrates Why You Should Avoid Any Event Promising an Appearance by a Rapper

Remember Machine Gun Kelly, the scrawny foul-mouthed dude who insisted he knew ALL about the “talents” of black women? Guess what…He’s BAAAACCCKKKK!

Someone over at a Microsoft store made the unfortunate mistake of allowing a rap magazine to put together a promotional event featuring Machine Gun Kelly in the store. The event turned into a hot burning mess. MGK hopped on top of tables, let loose a string of obscenities, and even said,”Eff these computers,” before employees of the store lost their deer-in-headlights look and managed to turn off the microphone. Presumably the police were called and Machine Gun Kelly was escorted from the building.

Peep the NSFW video below:

And in other news, there was a fight at the 2012 BET Hip Hop Awards. Surprise! (NOT.)

[Source: Business Insider]
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