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Madame Noire Covers “Swirling” and LMAO at the Comments!

Madame Noire was kind enough to allow me to tell my story about the reasoning behind my writing “Swirling: How to Date, Mate and Relate Mixing Race, Culture and Creed.”

Here’s a little snippet:

Today is my 10-year wedding anniversary. It’s been a wild ride, but I can’t help but poke my tongue out and thumb my nose at some of the folks at my wedding who thought we wouldn’t last 10 months. I remember walking down the aisle, to the left of me was my family, mostly brown faces. To my to my right was my soon-to-be husband’s parents and extended family, white as rice.
The walk between the crowd was like parting the sea on a black sandy beach bubbling over with sea foam. Amidst all the butterflies in my belly, I thought about the chance online encounter that connected us, the family drama, and leaps of faith it took to get me at the place where I was, looking ahead at my future husband, a wonderful, handsome man that I almost didn’t marry because he happened to be white.

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Funny thing, I don’t even MENTION black men in the story, but look at some of the comments (so far)

Why does this site still hire Kristelyn to publish interracial dating articles? It’s more than obvious she hates black men and the color of her skin, so why people find her insight informative is amusing at best.

And this little gem…

You ned to just quit it Christelyn, you ruined bossip with your obsession with swirling. NEWSFLASH-Most Black men and women still and will always only date other black people, we remain the least likely to swirl. Stiop forcing this tired topic down our throats-you sound insecure sister.

I “ruined” Bossip?! LMAO!!!

Funny thing is, the post wasn’t up three seconds before these folks felt some compelled to respond. Me thinks so folks are getting very, very nervous.

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