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Man Candy Monday: Byung-Hun Lee

I was hooked the moment I first saw Bruce Lee as a wee babe. Since that time Asian men have secretly been on my internal male objectification radar. Now I don’t know how to pronounce his name. And I’m apparently a little too late with what is sure to be an ode to ‘I love him soo’ enough where he will see this and care but that won’t stop me from bringing you our very first Man Candy Monday.

Byung-Hun Lee is a South Korean actor who was already well known for his work in Asia, but it wasn’t until his role as Storm Shadow in the G.I. Joe franchise did American audiences become familiar with the youthful 43 year old actor.

An educated chap, he holds a degree in French Literature, with an advanced degree in Cinematography and Theater.

It’s with this knowledge that I take myself to a momentary place in my head where he and I may have met while annunciating romance language on a lush university campus somewhere far, far away.

Image he’s the male lead in the theater piece where he must look deep within my eyes to say whatever and then gently cups the side of my face before he lip locks with me..over and over and over again..until we get it just right!! Chile, bye!!

He’s rumored to be a very skilled presence who will be focusing more on his dialogue and comedic ability when he stands toe to toe with two Hollywood powerhouses in the upcoming sequel Red 2.

His physique is courtesy of Tae Kwon Do training and he’s often a slave to extreme diets and body modification workouts in order to get his physical form prepared for the movie roles that he plays. He’ll be called to do a nude scene in Red 2 (YES!!) though he is looking forward to playing more roles that do not require him to get down to his skivvies I can’t say that I share his enthusiasm. *sad face goes here*

Lee Byung Hun

Lee, has unfortunately been recently taken off the market, ladies. He married fellow Korean actor Lee Min-Jung last summer in a beautiful ceremony where his bride had a total of three wedding gowns for the occasion.

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And if you need him to be a little more ‘Americanized’ for your tastes I’ll direct you to his Tweet stream. Rather than keyboard thugging at  faux Asian newscaster, Lee instead files a defamation lawsuit while keeping it grown and sexy.

So….do you like what you see? More to come. Stay tuned and try not to stare too hard.

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