Why “Marriage at First Sight” Is the Worst Thing to Happen to TV Since “Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire”

Have  any of you seen the promos for the new reality-show pablum being shoved down our throats called, Marriage at First Sight?  The general idea is that relationship “experts” choose your mate and you agree to marry the person they deem appropriate for you. The argument for such a show is that arrangement marriages have the lowest divorce rates, so why not? Pffft. Like what Gawker said, “The statistic quoted is that arranged marriages have a divorce rate of around 4% or 1/1%, non-arranged hovers around 50-60%. Of course, what they’re neglecting to mention is that a lot of arranged marriages occur within societies where women have no agency, limited civil rights and would rather quietly commit suicide than publicly divorce a husband, but “whatevs” I guess, they don’t mention that part.”

And to see the slow train wreck, it’s truly awful. This woman CLEARLY is not attracted to this man. I’d be crying too. He looks like the love child of Abbot and Costello. Okay; that was mean. *hangs head in shame*

When it comes to attraction, how a person looks comes into play, and there is no dispute in that. You need to at least find the person you’re married to physically appealing, otherwise the bodily functions typical of two married people will seem utterly vomit-inducing. We don’t live in a third world country. Brides aren’t really being forced into having their husband’s mount them as is their wifely duty. I have no doubt this guy is nice, nor do I doubt there are many women who actually do find him attractive. Too bad it’s not his wife, though.

Also, I’m side-eyeing how these “experts” just put together the few black folks out of the 50 candidates and concluded they were a “perfect match.” (did they mean perfect skin match?) I wasn’t feeling this comment he made: He said: “I like a girl who likes to play the wife-y role, as we say,” Copeland says in the premiere. “Hopefully she’s cute. Hopefully she can cook.” Dude, we have too many black women playing the role of “wifey” with no actual marriage contract, but since you actually married this chick, I’ll let you off the hook.

The bride said looks weren’t that important to her, but immediately contradicted herself. “I thought he was handsome, he was tall, which I really thought was great because that was one of the few things I asked for. For me it wasn’t as much visual that I was really asking for. It was more about character and the personality which clearly I don’t get to know when I get to the end of the aisle.

Ummkay. Well, at least they look good together. He’s got that “black nerd” thing going that I think is adorbs.


You guys, understand. Hubby tells me that one of these contestants was also on “The Bachelor.” That tells me these folks are professional reality stock on rotation. There are two other couples but I don’t find them nearly as interesting. All in all, I give the collective couples less than six months to live.

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