Matthew Hussey Gives Hopeful Viewpoint to Single Mothers and Dating


We talk a lot here about how single motherhood can be a complication when it comes to dating, especially if you’ve never married the father. No doubt there are a segment of men who won’t ever consider that as a viable option for them. But hey–everybody, woman or man, has the right to desire their own family over a ready-made one, and all the potential complications therein.

As a single parent, having such knowledge (thinking of your children as “baggage” in your dating life) can give off a vibe. “You don’t have to be vocal about a thing (baggage) to give off an energy,” said Matthew Hussey at his last live event in Los Angeles. In other words, are you presenting your ready-made family as the “richness of your world” vs. a ball and chain around your ankle?

Matthew suggests that the way we present these situations matters. Do we present it as something wonderful?

No doubt that not every guy will see your single parenthood as the “richness of who you are,” and even that’s okay, because that guy’s not the right one for you. But there are tons of men who will still be interested. And Matthew wants you in on a little secret: EMOTION WINS OVER LOGIC. When a man loves you, all logic goes out the window.

I thought that information was important to convey to all of you, because while we know fractured families are a serious problem in our community, if you happen to be one of those statistics, it doesn’t mean life is over.

If you’re interested in Matthew’s online coaching sessions, click here. All I can say is, I wish to heaven I’d had these when I was single, clueless, and wandering around the dating wilderness.

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