No Wedding, No Womb!

My Take on Mayor Bloomberg’s Anti Teen Pregnancy Initiative

There’s a major public service announcement going around the streets of New York, thanks to Mayor Michael Bloomberg. A slew of billboards are going up all over bus depots and subway stations hoping to dissuade young girls and boys from falling victim to “baby mama-ism.”

In two words…GO BLOOMBERG!!

However, the race to shut down this initiative has been fast and predictable. Those who want to cling to the delusion that they can make crappy choices and expect others to fix it has also been laughable. Some, even a author over at Clutch, is attempting to frame the program as shaming unwed mothers. What a load of crap–Bloomberg is targeting teens who have not yet conceived!! Why the HELL are these chicks so against motivating girls not to repeat the cycle? Is it because they WANT these girls to be as miserable at they are? You’ve got to be suspicious of people who don’t want better for others than they’ve had for themselves. It’s disgusting.

And as usual, people are attacking the fact that this program isn’t soft and cuddly enough. Because not a damn thing in these banners is a lie:

Screen shot 2013-03-11 at 9.41.05 AM

Every. Single. Banner. Says. The. Truth. THIS IS THE TRUTH! Why are you mad because Michael Bloomberg co-signs it? The warped thinking is the reason why the black community as a whole stays losing.

Here’s Clutch’s position:

Shame is not a prevention tactic. Education is. Economic mobility is. Community resources, like Planned Parenthood, are helpful in educating future mothers and fathers about the potential consequences of teenage pregnancy. Instead of shaming women, Bloomberg should offer jobs and community programs instead of backward advertisements.

Wait. Let me get this straight–shame = bad. More entitlement programs and less personal responsibility = good.

I have some bad news for all the defenders of foolishness–get ready to see a whole lot more of these types of initiatives. I said it was coming two years ago, and here it is. Society has lost it’s sympathy for this nonsense. It also doesn’t help that white people are starting to show evidence of the negative effects of out-of-wedlock pregnancy, but their 40% is child’s play compared to our 80%. But for many who are proactive, white folks most likely won’t ever reach the epic depravity of a 70-80% out of wedlock rate, and trust and believe there are many behind the scenes who are determined to see to it.

The tide is indeed beginning to change, and those who seek to preserve dysfunction for their own selfish reasons and consider themselves put on notice.

And of course it’s the black people SO OFFENDED that someone outside of the community having something to say about kids having kids…I mean, how dare he? Well when you’re expecting people like him to pay for and pick up your slack don’t be surprised when the folks with the money want to have a say. Newsflash: You can not expect others to clean up your messes when you make bad decisions. The attitude of entitlement, the “You owe me!!” attitude is epic. What mayor Bloomberg and advocates of No Wedding No Womb advocate is not about shaming the kids and mothers who are already there. It’s about changing the cycle with kids who are at risk. Why are there so many in the media hell-bent on not allowing people to do everything they can to get kids to make better choices? It just doesn’t make sense.

Of course the zombies of the GAT-DL will come out to say Bloomberg is a racist for girls to want better fro themselves and their children. Watch how they’ll twist themselves into pretzels to justify this toxic culture while lobbying for everyone’s money to finance it.

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