Meet Robin Williams, the Funky Chic from Bowtie Behavior

If Robin Williams, the brain behind the “blerdy” Bowtie Behavior, looks familiar, then you must have seen her in a Wix commercial. That’s where I first saw her and just knew I had to hit her up.



Williams, 30, came up with the idea for creating hip bow ties after a failed search for a bow tie for her best friend’s bridal shower. She wasn’t able to find one that fit her style or budget, so she decided to make her own from scratch. The rest is history. ” I got such positive feedback that I decided to continue making them. Bowtie Behavior was founded with the intent to create pieces that are bold and flavorful; pieces that outfits are built around.”


Williams’ career choice is a far cry from what she went to school for. She has a B.A. in Journalism from the University of DC and an M.A. in Sports Management from Georgetown University. But she was nimble enough to see an opportunity and make it happen. Her advice to other black women who have an idea for a business? “Just do it. Don’t wait.”


Williams makes each and every one of the ties herself, and donates a portion of her profits to Alliance Girls’ School in Kenya.

Check her out!  Facebook- Bowtie Behavior, Instagram- @bowtie_behavior, Twitter- @bowtie_behavior, website- www.bowtiebehavior.com.

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