Meetup Groups Are Where It’s At: Atlanta’s ONYX Boast 10 Marriages and Counting!

Who you see in that fabulous wedding photo is my buddy, Ming Gregory. You might remember her from a while back, because I did a feature about her Atlanta matchmaking service. Turns out the matchmaker done got matched–she just got hitched to a handsome rainbeau at a gorgeous mcmansion in Buckhead. She met her man through a meetup group in Atlanta called ONYX. And, small world that it is, I’ll be visiting the ONYX group for a “Swirling” book signing and discussion, and Ming will be the moderator–advanced notice for my ATL peeps–on September 28. (Deets coming soon.)

Just an aside, I’m SO happy to see some Atlanta ladies exercising ALL their options down south. Sounds like the mono-racial dating prospects are slim. Sounds like Meetup groups are where it’s at, single ladies. The folks at ONYX have told me they’ve had 10 weddings in their group since it started in 2010. If you live in the area, you NEED to check them out! UPDATE: Sonya Menssen, one of the group’s organizers just told me on our fan page that I am DEAD WRONG on those numbers. THERE’S MORE! “ONYX has had a total of 12 marriages, 15 engagements and 14 serious relationships since late 2011 (including my own:) since the group started in 2011.”

Just. One. Year.

This is just another addition to what should be your dating repertoire. I know some of you have struck out online dating, but that’s just one way to skin a cat. Meetup groups make a nice hybrid of making online connections and then transferring them to offline meetings. And (shameless plug) make sure you thoroughly read “52 Ways to Find a Date,” in Swirling for even more ideas.

Congrats, Ming!

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