MIRACLE Nail Polish!! Sally Hanson Gel Polish…OMG…!!!

gel polish

I’m a gardener. My hands stay in the dirt. I also wash dishes without gloves. Not exactly conducive to maintaining an expensive manicure. And while I love polish, I’m not crazy about how soon it chips. I was getting gel polish at the salon for a while and my polish lasted for almost two weeks. But for $40? Nah…

So when I saw Sally Hanson’s Miracle Gel Polish, I was both excited and skeptical. They claim you get gel polish results without the fancy lights. And I’ll be honest–I didn’t initially purchase this product because I actually believe it worked. I bought it because it just so happened that they had the exact shade of green I’d been searching for. Imagine my surprise when I was able to weed, wash the dishes, and open aluminum cans without my paint chipping! I couldn’t believe it!


So I promptly went out and bought like, six more.

The only challenge I’ve had so far is the removal. Despite the claims, I did need to soak my fingernails in polish remover for a couple minutes to remove it. Not really a big deal, though. For $9.99 and available at your local drug store, you just can’t beat it.

Cue the nail angels…we have a legit miracle here, ladies.

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