My You Tube Fan Found His Love and Now They’re Engaged!

From Steven, a You Tube and blog fan,

“I had forgotten to mention your book Swirling, which is what led me to your material in the first place. I’ve actually read it several times, and I find it very well written and informative. Also, thank you for your support and understanding of me and my girlfriend’s commitment to chastity until marriage.”

Fast forward to December, and he’s ready to pop the question…

I proposed on January 1st at the Seattle Aquarium. She lives in Seattle and we met through match.com when I lived in Louisiana three years ago, so our entire relationship has been long-distance. I chose the aquarium because in an email Christine asked me, “What is your favorite animal?” I, of course, didn’t have a favorite animal and the first animal that came to mind was the otter. Because of that, for our second date I visited Seattle and took her to the Aquarium because they have a very popular otter exhibit. My original idea was to propose at the otter exhibit, but when I called the aquarium, they told me about their proposal package where I could propose at the daily “Window on Washington Waters Diver Show,” described in my previous email.

We arrived at 11:30 on January 1st, and had some lunch before the show. The events coordinator saved us a seat in the front so we’d be close to the fish tank. The narrator started talking about the different types of fish in the tank and the animals that were at the aquarium. She then started asking the children in the audience what their favorite animal was. She then asked me, which tipped of Christine that something was happening. She told me later that she knew I was involved when the narrator said, “the otters have a message for you.” At that time, one of the divers swam to the window with a sign that said, “Christine DeShields, you’re my favorite. Will you marry me? She only saw her name and the first sentence. She didn’t even see the question because she was surprised that her name was on the sign. I then got up and presented the ring. Because of the children who started screaming when they realized what was going on, Christine didn’t hear anything I said. I said to her, “Christine, I waited my whole life for you and now I want to spend the rest of it with you.” She only realized what was happening once I slid the ring on her finger. She was in shock for the rest of the day. What’s funny is that she never actually said, “Yes.” However, she never said, “no” so I figured that I was good.


We haven’t set a date yet since there are a lot of things to consider since we live in different parts of the country.




No more talk about how black women can’t find love online. No more talk about black women being picked last. NO MORE.

Congrats, Steve!!!

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