National Headwrap Day: 5 Black Owned Companies to Try

Written by Nicole J.

Did you know that November 20th was National Headwrap Day? I didn’t until 2 weeks ago, and that was all the impetus I needed to write about this beautiful style choice. Earlier this year, Christelyn did a video about a Texas principal who made national headlines for imposing a dress code on women picking up their children from school. For added measure, I wrote my thoughts too. One would think it was common sense not to leave the house in an oversized t-shirt and a bonnet meant for sleeping, but I guess not. I firmly believe that bonnets should maintain their place in the house.


But, no one is exempt from having a bad hair day, and a headwrap is a great way to conceal a twist-out gone wrong or make up for snoozing your alarm two too many times that morning. In honor of National Headwrap Day, here are five black-woman owned headwrap companies (with links included) with a variety of options for every aesthetic.

  • The Wrap Life

    The Wrap Life is a New York based brand spearheaded by Nnenna Stella. Her beautiful designs have been modeled by the likes of Iman, Issa Rae, and Whoopi Goldberg. Take advantage of the bundle deals going on now: you can get 6+ wraps for 10% off, 8+ wraps for 15% off, and 10+ wraps for 20% off, using the discount codes BUNDLE10, BUNDLE15, and BUNDLE20 respectively (this post is not sponsored, but we wish we were!)

  • YGN Headwraps

    YGN (You Go Natural) Headwraps, founded by Monique Little, features beautiful prints, with satin lined options to protect delicate type 4 hair from breaking off.

  • Kilahcrowns

    I “know” Akilah from her YouTube channel, as her short type 4 hair and styles is very similar to mine. She has started her own headwrap company, and the gorgeous designs she offers will have you queenin’, to use her parlance, in no time.

  • CeeCee’s Closet NYC

    CeeCee’s Closet is another New York based headwrap (and waistbeads!) brand started by Chioma and Uchenna Ngwudo. They design the wraps, which are then handmade by artisans in Nigeria. I’m all for supporting small economies so they score extra points for that.

  • ChiChi L’amour

    And last but not least, we have ChiChi L’amour, a Houston-based brand started by Teshia Noel in 2016, inspired by French Creole culture. In addition to their elegant headwrap styles, ChiChi L’amour also has a sister company Turbans for Survivors, aimed at rebuilding the confidence of women dealing with hair loss, be it due to cancer, alopecia, or other conditions. For each product sold, ChiChi L’amour will donate 30% of its net proceeds towards Turbans for Survivors.


As I’ve only just started getting into headwraps, my collection is quite tiny. But you can best believe I will be supporting every one of these shops so I have plenty of coordinating options for when I’m too pressed for time to do a whole lot with my hair. Are you a headwrap fan? Have a favorite black owned headwrap brand you support? Do share your thoughts in the comments below.

Disclaimer: This blog was written by me, Nicole, and my ideas are not necessarily reflective of Christelyn Karazin or other writers on this platform.

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