New Beauty Trend: Eyelash Extensions

Say whaaaat? Weaves for your eyelashes? Will the Indians ever be safe again?

The lowdown from Alicia Hunter, lash extensionist for the stars:

Lash extensions are synthetic lashes that are applied literally “lash to lash” to each individual eyelash by a trained, experienced lash extensionist…the extensions are available in a variety of length, thickness, and curliness, so that whether you want just a little bit of glam or you want to rock it Kardashian-style, there’s a “look” appropriate for everyone!

First, the client is reclined and cooling gel pads are placed over the bottom lashes (to avoid bonding top lashes to bottom lashes while lashing!)…then, the client closes their eyes and relaxes…the lasher then applies extensions using a permanent bond safe to be used near the eye area (I am a devotee of Novalash’s Platinum Bond)…and in anywhere from an hour to 2 hours, depending on the expertise of the lash extentionist, the client opens her eyes and the results is stunning – no need for lash curling, nor mascara, and they are waterproof too!

As the lashes shed naturally and gradually over the next month, the extensions will shed still attached to the candidate lash – and new virgin lashes grow in. Most of my clients like me to re-fluff them every 2-4 weeks.

Prices vary from extensionist to extensionist, and can range anywhere from about $150 – $500 depending on your location and your lasher’s experience and expertise…

Skinny lashes before:


PHAT lashes after:

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