Newt Gingrich Says Blacks Should Demand More Paychecks, Less Welfare. I Agree with Him.

All the usual suspects–NewsOne, The Grio, Your Black World,have thier arms up in the sky crying foul that old Newt said blacks should demand more paychecks and less welfare. NewsOne responded with this:

It is blatantly clear that Republicans are trying to recruit the worst possible elements of the GOP voting bloc. And it appears that the racially charged rhetoric of GOP candidates is bound to get worse. Come April or May, welfare comparisons to black people may seem tame.

Only in Opposite Land would it be offensive to suggest that people should demand work opportunities rather than WIC and food stamps. I mean, really? I am so disgusted that the main-stream black press supports poverty and protects the wholesale need of it. Why are 28% of black people content to live off the dole? Yes; 59% of welfare recipients are white, but they make up 70% of the population. Black folks make up 12%. You do the math (cuz I can’t) but I have a feeling the ratio of black versus white welfare recipents is what lopsided.

This is the problem the BC has: WE DO NOT STRIVE FOR EXCELLENCE AND SELF-SUFFICIENCY. There was a time when it would be humiliating for a family to seek welfare, and a MAN would work 50-11 jobs, 16 hours a day, with NO CAR, walking uphill both ways in the snow. I know the mainstream black press has their heads up their collective arses.

And this rant is brought to you from a FORMER welfare and WIC recipient who never NEVER got too comfortable on the dole. I wanted more, I worked for it (damn hard) and I got it.

Does this mean I’ll vote for Newt? Not on your life. But even a fool can say something wise every decade or so.

UPDATE FOR CONTEXT: Newt was responding to a BLACK reporter who asked a SPECIFIC question. Dude didn’t just say it out of the blue sky.

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