Not Again?! Christmas Countdown Begins After Labor Day.

We’re currently grooming our son, Zachary (lovingly called The Boy) to be a structural engineer. His obsession with building blocks and toys that transform have made us realize that there is really no other way that we’ll ever get him to leave the house to go to college. I could legitimately picture my sweet little boy, 22 years old, building entire cities and countries made of Legos, populated by Nijago people, toy cars, Transformers, and Baco-thingies. So when we heard about the VTech Switch & Go Dinosô, which combines fun and creativity through the switch-a-roo from car to dinosaur and airplane to dinosaur, The Boy could hardly contain himself. He loves getting packages from UPS because somebody told him they work for Santa Claus. He immediately went to work pulling apart the packaging and the buck-tooth little smile on his face was priceless. I ask him why he likes them so much, and he says, “I like that they turn into cars and I like figuring out how to transform them.” He says this while busily creating a 2-D replica of the yellow one, as seen here:
So you know why he likes them, I’ll tell you why I like them: low volume. Yes they talk and make cool sounds, but the volume is not at such an ear-piercing level that I’m plotting to accidentally “lose” them. And unlike Legos, they come in one movable part, so I’m less likely to stab the sole of my foot in the middle of the night. Score 1 for VTech.
The Boy’s best buddy who just happens to live next door is obsessed with dinosaurs, and can name about a kabillion different species. The two of them playing is usually a rambunctous affair, with me shooing them out to play sword fights in the yard. But the Switch & Go Dinos had them in rapt attention for over an hour, and Tyler (the friend) played and replayed the “dino facts” each of the toys would say while The Boy raced across the carpet in tricked-out car mode. We have three dinos now, but from the way things are looking, we just have to have UPS-Santa deliver the remaining four characters for Christmas. Ranging in price from $15.99 to $49.99, no banks will be broken in the process.
Now, go make your own video and enter the Show & Tell with Switch & Go Contest on VTech’s Facebook page. You could win a kids lifetime supply of educational toys from VTech. And your video will air on a VTech commercial on Nickelodeon, which you can watch at your very own viewing party with your friends and family. And VTech will also transform your living room into the ultimate Dino den.

Enter the content by clicking here, then from October 8 through October 19 cast your vote for the FIERCEST videoÖ

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