Notice Something Different About Our Digs? Shappy Apple, BAAAABEEE!

I am thrilled, delighted, tickled pink and purple (mostly purple as I am chocolate), pleased as punch (spiked with Grey Goose) to announce that Shabby Apple is an OFFICIAL advertiser for Beyond Black & White! Right from the start, me and Athelia Woolery, my fashion crush and creator of the site, have been a match made in heaven.

Before I found her, I’d essentially given up buying dresses–a feminine essential. For the first time in my adult life, I found classic, well-made dresses that look good on my medium frame and short-legged body. Her ingenious “Fit to Flatter” program helped me select outfits that did not make me look like I was wearing a potato sack, and for that, I will be eternally grateful.

Tip: If you aren’t a super model, dresses to compliment your figure can be tricky. If you have a large bust, you need a piece that while give ample room for your bosom-a-plenty without making you look like you’re wearing a moo-moo. If you have an apple or pear shape, you should pick cuts that de-emphasize those problem areas while accentuating others. It’s hard as heck to do that without a fitting room, unless you take advantage of programs like “Fit of Flatter,” which I did with excellent results.

Athelia has also supported US by donating dresses for promotions and give-aways and her generosity and support for the success of BB&W has been amazing. (Is my crush showing again?)

The the new line, “Academia” is one of my favorite this far. If you love sixties chic with a contemporary twist, the line does not disappoint. I mean, check out this skirt!

And think of how you’d knock ’em dead in this number:

Here’s some of the dresses and shoes I haven’t been able to resist, to my husband’s chagrin…

So there you have it. Real life fashion worship of Shabby Apple by Yours Truly.

The holidays are coming up and I just simply HAVE to get that red dress up yonder and manufacture an event I must attend in order to justify buying it.

Any ideas?

Find out why I love Athelia and Shabby Apple so much by clicking the pic of the pretty black chic and that black ruffle dress to the right, and come back and tell me what you think.

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