Ode to the Cowboy…We See You, Baby.

A young man in the image of a cowboy, muscular sexy man, sexy cowboy

I ran across this guy on my Facebook feed. With all the stuff about police shootings and the RNC clown show, this was quite refreshing.

This got me to thinking. There’s a segment black women who believe that country boys aren’t an option for them. They automatically assume a white guy with a cowboy hat and a red neck is a rabid racist. But the many letters and photos I’ve gotten through the years speaks to the contrary.

So country boys who love us, we see you!

In fact, the strong, independent, traditional, conservative cowboy is a more likely match for a black woman that most might realize on the onset. We discuss this in more detail in my book, Swirling: How to Date, Mate and Relate, Mixing Race, Culture and Creed.

And for your viewing pleasure…

A sexy young cowboy is standing by a blue wall with his shirt unbuttoned

And then of course, there are country brown girls…

Young African woman smiling, with cowboy hat and dreadlocks hairstyle


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