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OMG, Have You Seen “Wedding Nouveau?!”

Wowzers. Sometimes I come upon stuff kinda late, but I simply MUST give kudos, high praise and big ups to Fri Forjindam, founder and editorial director for Wedding Nouveau magazine. I mean, this mag does multiracial and multicultural weddings like I have NEVER seen in print, so classy and romantic, with tons of ideas on how to merge race, culture and religion into a delicious soup in the melting pot. And I’m not just saying that because she featured our blog in the Winter issue.

Besides it being a top-shelf publication created by an African American woman, there’s just so much more reason to support this. And the photos. I mean, Wow.

I mean, could that get any gorgeous-er?

Well, perhaps.

Here’s a sneak preview about this couple, because I just know you’re biting your manicure for the deets:

I know you want more, so get your copy and support this mag, which is WAY better that BRIDE, MODERN BRIDE, POST-MODERN BRIDE, or whatever.

Order here.

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