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OMG…Let These Folks Be! In Their Ninety’s, Interracial Couple Fights to Stay Together

This has got to be the sweetest thing in the whole world, and even more endearing that this couple–a white man and a black woman–live in the state of Virginia, Ground Zero for the legalization of interracial marriage in the United States. What’s even more compelling, this couple was alive during that time, and might have even observed the fight.

But it’s a legal problem of a different kind threatens the sovereignty of their marriage…apparently there’ s a fight by one of Edith Hill’s children to acquire custody of the 95-year-old woman. Her husband, Eddie Harrison, 95, is fighting hard for his woman, and I think the Lovings would be proud.

Just leave them alone, and let them spend their sunset years stress-free, happy and loved.

What say all of you?

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