Black Women's Empowerment

Open Thread: How Many Black Women Are a Lost Cause?


After blogging on behalf of black women, and trying to encourage them to open their options to quality men of all races for six years, I’m getting to the point were I truly believe there are black women who are literally a lost cause. These are the women who are on the front lines to run and tattle to our enemies so they can get a pat on the head and a Scooby Snack at our expense. There regularly deliver any news about this site and relish when we are under attack. And to what benefit to them is it, really?


They’re the ones who come to this blog and try to convince us that we should be suspicious of every single non-black men who likes us, but give black men every pass in the world to do much worse, all the while blaming the “white supremacy boogeyman.” Most of these women are on LipStick Alley, and the interracial dating category is pretty much dead unless they’re talking about us.

And if there is a significant number of “lost cause” black women, how do you suppose we deal with such women in the future?

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