Open Thread: What Red Flags Have YOU Ignored that Could Help Someone?

Let’s be honest we’ve all made some major boo-boos in our lives when it comes to relationships. Some of them are so horrendous we shudder to think of them. But mistakes allow for us to grow, but more importantly they give others an opportunity to learn. Last week, a YouTube video I posted about a 25 year old Black woman who made some abysmal mistakes with a man she met online caused quite a ruckus. Some of us have it made such blatant mistakes, but we’ve all been fools for the opposite sex at some point in our lives.

So Beyond Black & White crew, let’s have a little purge session, shall we? Let’s share some of our worst relationship decisions we made in our teens and early twenties and what we’ve learned so that we don’t repeat them. Everyone get their tea and popcorn ready!

Woman in pink shirt taking a bite of a pink frosted doughnut (donut) while sitting up in bed. (iStockPhoto NYC 9/13/05)

Okay I’ll start first. I once had a long distance relationship with a guy I was convinced was “the one.” I was completely dick-matized by this man, and when he stopped calling as frequently and ultimately broke up with me I drove nearly 2 hours and showed up at his house in the morning before I knew he would leave just so he would talk to me and perhaps convince him to reconsider. Oh the things you do when you’re 19 and think you’re in love…

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