Opposites Attract: How to Wear Complimentary Colors This S/S–Menswear

With all of the men hemming and hawing over being left out of the fashion loop, I have decided to create a part two to the much appreciated women’s wear version of Opposites Attract.

Of course, like in the women’s wear version, all rules apply, but when men actually adhere to wearing colors, it is even more stimulating seeing that most [men] stick to neutral colors like black, white, khaki and olive green. This way, men you will be stylish AND put your personality on display. And here’s how!

Mint Tomato Salad

Opposites Attract: Red Mints- Menswear
Why It Works

This modern take on a 1930s trend is made modern by using complimentary colors green and red. But instead of using all out green and red and avoid looking like the Mexican flag, I used a mint colored button-down shirt –a tint of green– and a tomato  red  sweater. I paired it down with a neutral beige jacket, short and shoe to make the colors pop, but not overwhelm. And this cool satchel makes this outfit a bit sporty and dressy at the same time.

Neon Nights
Opposites Attract: Yellow and Purple--Menswear
Why it Works
This ensemble is a bit prep meets rock and roll. It’s quite casual but the neon piping on the shoes and bag makes this outfit one that would make any fella stand out, young or old. Add the straw fedora and you’ll be, well, too cool for school. Adding the purple gingham shirt and dark washed jeans gives it a more mature air so that you do not come off like a frat boy, but instead, a professional dressed down for the day.
Snow Capped Mountains at Sunrise
Opposites Attract: Blue and Orange--Menswear
Why It Works
This modern take on the 50s prep trend takes a modern turn with these light blue relaxed jean and cable knit vest. Add a orange linen shirt and pastel plaid tie and brogues and you just stepped into this century and looking quite dapper while you did it.
Light and Shade
Opposites Attract: Black and White--Menswear
Why It Works
Black and white are this season’s must have power couple and having them hanging in the closet gives the signal that you take your wardrobe quite serious. Combining a fitted sweater with a horizontal stripe tee is a very sporty endeavor and combining them with white linen trouser gives you an air of confidence that you take no prisoners and you love the way you look. Adding two toned oxfords to the mix and the quirky jewelry let’s people know that you are just as much a power player as your wardrobe.
Men, I hope that this post has giving you some awesome ideas and I look forward to your responses. And remember you too can also participate in Ask A Stylist by emailing me a picture of an item in your closet that you would like to know how style.  Send your inquiries to [email protected]
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