Paula’s Choice Makes Egregious Oversight in New Foundation; Completely Ignores Black Women

Self-proclaimed “Cosmetics Cop” Paula Bougan, creator of Paula’s Choice cosmetics is in hot water with it’s loyal consumers as many of them call her out on her GLARING omission of ANY black women in their new Resist Serum Foundation. See for yourself:

My goodness. In this day and age when it is CLEAR that people of color spend billions of dollars on cosmetics, the “oversight” feels like a major slap in the face. And I’m glad people are dragging Paula’s Choice for ignoring us.

Paula’s Choice lame excuse for excluding black women:

Paula’s ChoiceHi ladies, thank you so much. As this is a new product, we need and value your input on shades so that we can continue to evolve it and make it the best it can be for all of our customers. We always strive to listen to our customers for any and all feedback, and your influence as a customer helps shape the direction we want to go. We’re committed to hearing your feedback and are constantly looking at ways to give you the best skin of your life. Thank you again for your valuable feedback.

However, people on the Facebook thread weren’t buying that stock answer:

Lame excuses from Paula’s Choice like “we didn’t know,” or “we’re still refining shades for the formula” blah blah blah won’t fly. They are well aware how much POC’s buy cosmetics. This omission was deliberate, and it’s high time folks call these companies out on their blatant attempts to pretend we don’t exist.

Personally, I’m furious. I’ve touted Paula’s Choice on this blog and have given raves for many of their product offerings in the past. I help line the pockets of companies that don’t think I’m important enough to include in their foundation line up.

UPDATE: Paula’s Choice has apologized, and claimed to be planning to fix the oversight. We’ll see.

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