Pimps Up! Hoes Down…. Breaking Down The Trickery of Powerless Men

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A mind can be a terrible thing to waste and I’m aware that not everybody’s mind is built for social combat. I’m fortunate to have had a father around to school me properly on men. It is by his example that I was prompted to give the screw face to most of the poor excuses for men that shuffle through the urban community.

My married, conservative parents weren’t an anomaly to me either. I attended a close knit Protestant church whose community was made up of several married couples headed by dedicated family man, some of whom are still married and still dedicated to their now expanded families.

I’m one of the lucky ones who was able to witness the actions of honorable men, but apparently others aren’t so lucky and so they fall for what I call ‘the common man’s charisma’.

You ever wondered why some chicks chase after the neighborhood hound dog?

They throw both themselves and pricey merchandise at these men in hopes of being chosen.

They turn over their money, their car keys, their love, and devotion over to a guy who has 15 more females doing the exact same thing.

I know women who will go to no ends to prove themselves worthy by giving everything they’ve got to give, including their pride, and all hopes of respect all the while working two or three jobs to keep up with the cost of doing business of wooing prized penis.

They pile on top of him like the guy who catches the football, kicking and flailing in hopes of laying their finger on that special ball. *wink*

I look on in confusion and awe because I’m not wired for this type of competition for men but other not so savvy women are.

‘Pimps Up, Hoes Down’ is the title of a low budget urban documentary about the world of prostitution and pimps. The phrase is quite popular and often repeated in low class BM social circles, and in crass Hip Hop music. The term means that Pimps should be respected and the women that love them should be looked down upon.

But if you think about it, there are two hypocritical implications in the phrase.

First, the men who adhere to this type of point of view of women are actually saying the women should be hated for loving them.

In reverse, that means they detest the women dumb enough to value the men’s time. He’s not worthy and he knows he’s not worthy. He feels worthless. And once she has shown her lack of worth by accepting him as her object of desire she’s subjected herself to something less. He then returns her affection by abusing the relationship, and her, in addition to exploiting her for material possessions. She should be punished for giving him consideration….marinate on that.

Second, aren’t the men who claim to be so powerful also the ones who are actually for sale to the highest bidder?

If you turn the perception around you’ll realize the women have the power in the relationship with a exploitative male bed wench. His ass is actually for sale, be he a pimp, a boyfriend, a house husband or a live in lazy baby Daddy. You had to have him and so you paid the cost of ownership, and if not, someone else will.

He set the price of what his affection is worth—If that’s not hoeing than I don’t know what is.

Think of man’s affection as an auction at Christie’s. Something is being sold at a cost, and those who can afford it are in the audience waving their handkerchiefs hoping to claim such a sought after piece, each person that chooses to compete drives up the price by offering more then the person prior.

Others may be able to afford the piece but don’t see value in the object simply because other people do. Others may find value and beautiful in a seashell picked from the sand that is simply worth admiring. Value is objective and some value is a manufactured perception. Sometimes ‘having’ something satisfies the needs of the person desiring the object regardless of the personal cost to them or the actual value of the object (or person) sought.

I had a pimp approach me with some type of Kat Williams long and luxurious hair and lame circular game. I was 18 and annoyed. Hanging out the drive through window of McDonald’s on a cool night after having my fill of one liners and jokes from drunk cars full of people seeking cheap midnight hamburgers.

Until you move the car; I’m stuck talking to you.

I’m so beautiful, yet again, for the 1oth time this hour. I’m so special and wasting my time. I should just be with you? Jump through the little window and off into the sunset we go? It’s that easy. And what about my baby girl. You got a job for me? I don’t know how to do shit. What job you got for me since I don’t know how to do shit? Dating? Men don’t pay for dates. They pay during the date. Fuck is you saying? I’ve dated before. Men with money. Older men. And I spend it and they spend it. So you got a knot of money in your pocket? My Daddy had a knot like that and he went to work everyday. What type of job? Dating men and money….what easy job is that you got for me Mr. Pimp man?

Chile, bye.

Once I figured out what he was saying and who he was I laughed heartily in his face and asked him why in the world would I screw someone, get paid for it and turn the money over to him?

Screwing? Check.

Digging in pockets? All day long. CHECK!

Turning over money to someone for no dam reason…. Color me confusion.

He looked stunned and said it was because I would have protection and be known as “his girl” and that would gain me respect. I guffawed because he looked like a little old woman who couldn’t fight his way through a tampon wrapper.

I told that Negro that as long as I can count, throw a punch, and do a full split I see no need for his services and promptly dismissed him by shutting and locking my bulletproof glass and going on break.

Less than twelve years later, he would approach my daughter with the same lame game. She laughed at him too because she understood the paradox in his logic and also couldn’t believe a real life pimp walks around looking like a t.v. stereotypical pimp. Does he shop at the store in Friday movies? Who knows.

We guffawed at the urban fuckery.

Basically, me and neighborhood hood neighbors differed in point of view.

I ask ‘what is YOUR purpose to ME if I am the one with the actual value’?

Marinate on that.

There are some women who truly don’t get it. They think the playboy guy is the thing to have, they think the guy that all the girls swoon over is something to claim as one’s own because other chicks want him.

Yup, think about every rap record, every R&B song, and every guy you’ve even run across that was the more than happy to remind you of how many other women he had laying around spread eagle.

He needed you to feel the heat of pursuit.

He needed you to realize his value and show your love.

He needs you to make him feel special or else!!

“Hoes in different area codes” sounds like a child bragging about his collection of matchbox cars because he feels insecure around older boys who posses cars that actually move.

“I might have hit in the Waffle House; but it definitely wasn’t my house” Okay, Jeezy (rhymes with GREAZY) so either you have no home of your own to take her to or you  choose to have sex with women that you think so low of that you won’t bring them home to where you live, like a normal man who wants sex would.

That says alot about him and I’ll pass on that unscrupulous penis, thank you.

It always confused me, because where is the value in having something that’s so easily obtainable? And by easily obtainable, I’m not implying that he’s necessarily sexually promiscuous, I’m speaking in terms of competition during the bidding war.

He doesn’t care about the woman, all he cares about is what she brings to the table and how much abuse she’s willing to take to show her worthiness.

I mean, take a look at your competition to gain his affection and ask yourself, ‘are these chicks on my level?’ and if not, then quickly high step outta there before someone notices you mistook sh*t for sugar. And by ‘on your level’ I don’t mean run me off a list of materialistic bullshit. I’m saying are these other women on your level of maturity and self respect.

I judge men by the other women they keep and their ex’s. I believe most people aren’t necessarily single when you meet them. If he’s dating someone else, cool, but if he’s shopping for a professional superwoman mule then.

Just no.

The Optical Illusions and Mistaken Identities

Beta men gain their respect by using their charm and their bodies in a way similar to how females may be conditioned to do. Powerless men sell their ass on the open market.

Beta males give the impression of being Alpha males by commanding the only power they have available, which is the power of obtaining mates, it’s a very base level talent and only works in places where Alpha men are scarce.

Beta males easily fool women who have no idea of what Alpha male presentation is. True Alpha males command power among other men through their interactions with men of comparable means.

In a conversation about power and control, and how women make judgment calls, the logic is that if a man is respected by other men, then he is a man worthy of female attention. Think of the attractiveness factor attributed to men in power simply because they are powerful.

Alpha men are above and beyond those men (Betas) who acquire their power via the affection of several women since choice in feminine selection is a trickle down value generated by having Alpha social power.

I can break that down even more; men respect men who demand respect, via financially, or through their character of leadership, or through some other intrinsic value, like a physical talent such as being an athlete.

Even a man who is taller than average gains the respect of other men by dominance of physical form.

A man who is popular among the ladies is only as powerful as his ability to remain valuable to females in general. If he is unable to, or unwilling to meet the needs of his ‘audience’ and/or sponsors then he loses that which allowed him to have power. Think about men who were playboy’s who got old, got sick and whose stock suddenly drops.

Get it….. He’s only popular because chicks are running behind him.

Chicks run behind him because they are either having some type of self-esteem building competition to ‘win’ something they want, or they pursue him and know in the back of their minds that they’re only playing out a rejection scenario because of some damaged father issues.

I played the game once or twice just because I could. Tricking off on a pair of Timbs and then taking them back when he pissed me off was quite entertaining. However, a man that would A) resent my being able to afford things that he readily couldn’t shows that he is insecure and B) sitting back and allowing a woman to support him made him terribly tacky in my eyes C) what the fuck am I to do when I can’t take care of us? Will he be there or will he bail and save his own ass….? Take a wild guess. I hear his wife works two jobs to support them; ask me how I know this…….or take a wild guess.

I’m not saying this is textbook but I’m just saying these are my observations.

And mind you, the ability to charm women and seamlessly have one woman after another waiting is a talent, but it’s secondary to the markers of manhood among Alpha men. Any man with power over other men (think CEO), or with financial power (millionaire), will also by virtue of that power have the power to attract many women suitors.

Give me a man that can prove his value in the realm of men because that’s the competition to gain my attention. I see no reason to try hard to gain approval or love from a man so contrite that he would take what is mine and give it to another simply because she can do more. That’s for some women but not me, but maybe you like it.

As they say ‘game recognizes game’, so get familiar or else find yourself behaving like a squirrel trying to get a nut.

You don’t want to be that creature at the end of the Ice Age movies, do you?

Well, do you!?






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