The Prince Appreciation Thread: What Do You Remember?


So…Prince died today. I can hardly believe it, and took it even harder than when I found out Michael and Whitney passed. I guess because Prince spoke to me in ways that others didn’t–he put so much of himself into his art, but his private life was enigmatic. If you wanted to know about him, you’d only have to listen to Purple Rain and then see the movie. I attached Prince’s songs to the boys I’d be crushing on at the time. I loved Kiss in the 8th grade, because it reminded me of Kaseem who liked it too.  I played Adore over and over when my high school boyfriend dedicated it to me. Beautiful Ones reminds me of all the guys I crushed on but didn’t like me back.

His talent knew no bounds. It could do a low bass and then just as quickly elevate to a sexy falsetto. He wrote his own songs, and those of some of the most popular artists in our time. He played like, 50-11 instruments. And while short and thin, he had a sex appeal that could not be denied. He was a genius, and I’m so sad he’s gone.

Where were you when you fell in love with Prince?


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