Product Pic: ‘Healthy’ Nail Polish!

I know. It sounds cray cray. You almost need a gas mask when you go into the nail salon these days, what with the DBP, toulenen, and formaldehyde around. So when I found out about Dr.’s Remedy nail polish I was intrigued. The company uses ingredients like anti-fungal tea-tree oil, garlic bulb extract, vitamins C and E, and wheat proteins, and leaves all that other toxic stuff out. Healthy stuff aside, they also have some pretty cool colors for spring…

What I like: Since I’m a health nut, I like the idea of reducing the amount of toxins in nail polish, especially since Maxi Me and Clo Clo are completely obsessed with nail polish. I love the bold fun colors.

What was “meh”: The nail polish brush is pretty whimpy and you’ll definitely need more than one coat to look, well…polished. I also thought that without all the chemicals, the polish would stink less. It doesn’t.

But overall, I give it a thumb’s up.

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