Product Review: Can Tide Win Me Back?

Ever since I discovered natural and implicitly more gentle detergents for washing my clothes, I must admit that big name brands like Tide, Gain and Clorox have taken to the back of my laundry cabinet. I wash my clothes like I wash my hair, so only the best will do. Why? Because I’m not too keen on wearing an outfit once, washing it, then using it as a dust rag because after one wash it no longer retains the original color and shape. In short, my budget won’t allow for disposable clothes, so I baby my threads like I baby my strands. So when I was asked to review Tide Pods, I was a bit skeptical. I initially was going to try the product on the kids’ clothes, because, cunning mother that I am, I was willing to sacrifice their clothes over mine, since they’ll grow out of them anyway, and I haven’t grown an inch since the 9th grade. †I eventually thought better of it considering my credibility was on the line and all. And there’s nothing like an editorial deadline to motivate you to tackle that mountain of laundry in your closet, is there?

So I set to work on my white and light clothes, since Tide Pods claims to be a 3-in-1 detergent that cleans, brightens and fights stains. There was one item in particular I was sure to include– my grey off-the-shoulder Hollister shirt with oil stains that my designer laundry brand couldn’t seem to erase. First thing I noticed taking the Tide Pods out of the bag was that… you can see three distinct chambers. Second thing I noticed was that they smell really good. Sort of fruity, but I can’t pin which fruit it most resembles, so let’s just call it ‘strange fruit,’ but in a good way. I loved that there was nothing to measure and nothing to spill. I just popped the Tide Pods into the hatch and went about my business. And unlike my usual laundry routine, I promptly moved the wet clothes from the washer to the dryer instead of leaving them in there for a minimum of 12 hours like I usually do. See, I’m committed to the work. It’s all about the work, you know?

When I loaded the wet clothes, I noticed that the strange fruit (in a good way) smell was still there, and my clothes felt soft, not like they’d been washed to death. Finally, I took them out of the dryer and promptly folded. Before I go on, there’s something I must confess: I’m a sniffer. I sniff every piece of clothing before I fold it. At first I thought it might be a harbinger for OCD, but no; I’m too lazy to be obsessive and/or compulsive. I just like smelling freshly washed clothes. My clothes were soft and fluffy, and the grease stains were gone from my favorite Hollister shirt.


So did Tide win me back? That would be an “affirmative.”


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