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QOTW: Are You Keeping Your Interracial Dating Preferences in the Closet?

The question…

Hi there, 

I am a fan of your website, and lurked for over a year before I decided to participate not long ago.  I hope you don’t mind, but I wondered if it would be possible to do a question of the week directed at black women and white men who are still in the closet.  By closet I mean while they are very clear about their attraction to people of other races, they are still pretty quiet about it to the people in their lives.  This question came about as a result of listening in on a conversation a couple of days ago at work, where several black female co-workers discussed their celebrity crushes.  To my surprise almost all of the men were white, and I found out that one of my new co-workers was actually married to a white man and had a lovely daughter.  Another black female co-worker intruded on the conversation by stating that she loved the “white chocolate”, and no one batted an eyelash.  I said nothing, because work is work, and I do not believe in discussing personal interests in a business environment, but I laughed like a proud mother because I know that when I was younger, there were no such discussions or confessions being had anywhere, let alone at work.  At any rate, this made me ask myself, “am I in the closet?”  The answer is yes, and I just wondered if any of your readers were in this particular closet as well.

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