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QOTW: “Can You Help White Men Ask More Black Women Out?”

The note:
Hi Christelyn,

I was wondering if you could do a video to help get more white men to ask black women out? You see, unlike black men and white women, there is a disconnect between black women and white men. It is my theory that there are many, many white men who would ask a black woman out. There is nothing wrong with the black woman, the problem is in the white man.

White men are constantly being shamed and tricked by liberals who tell us that we are bad people, that we are “wicked”, that are we are “devils” and yes “evil albinos”(thanks to Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, may she Rest In Peace ). Also they say that the White race is a group oppressors. And it’s directed at white males not so much white females. Most young white men feel so bad about it that they won’t approach a black woman. After all, why would a black woman date a “slave master” or a “devil”? Back in the late 80s, early 90s I read one issue of The Final Call by Minister Farrakhan, a news paper. I thought I’d never be able to date a black woman after reading that. Since then, of course I’ve dated black women.

If you decide you can’t do this video, I will make the upcoming video “Why White Nationalism is a Snow Job”, because it’s mostly white males who are White Nationalists, not white women (who feel more free to date out of there race than their male counterparts who are brainwashed in to “preserving the White race”.) “White Nationalism” does to white men what “black unity” does to black women. The White nationalists try to prevent white males from dating out by disowning them while white liberalism prevents white males from dating out by shaming them.

A White man should be able to have pride in his race, yet be able to show love to a Black woman. White pride(not White Nationalism) is about love, not hate.

Thank you for your consideration.



Here’s my take:

Alright BB&W Family, what say you?

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