QOTW: “Can Politically Conservative Men Date Black Women?”


Dear Christelyn,

First of all, I want to thank you for your wonderful and encouraging videos!
I have a question concerning interracial dating and politics. Short introduction to myself: I’m a 19 years old, white, male college student and have always been attracted to black women. I have noticed though, that there is a huge political divide between white men and black women. According to exit polls only 4% of black women voted R last November (while 15% of black men and about 60% of white men did). While this might have something to do with the polarizing rhetoric of Mr. Trump, it is hard not to see that there is a huge disconnect in terms of political opinion between black women and white men.
The main “problem” that I (as a person that believes in republican/libertarian viewpoints) see with interracial dating, is that I fear black women will reject me based on my political opinions. Alot of people seem to assume that if you are “right-wing” you are automatically racist (which I can attest to be untrue, I am hispanic looking and have always been treated with utmost respect by fellow republicans).
As a child of first-generation immigrants, I can’t stand people that attack our freedom of speech (in my parents home country people go to jail for what the government deems “hate speech”) or constantly critisize America, while praising/ignoring the problems of other countries that are worse places to live in in every regard. Unfortunately however, this sentiment seems to be very prevalent among young black women in America…
Whats your opinion on this? Can a conservative man and a black woman find love and if so, how?
I would love it if you could find the time to film a video on this topic.

Here’s my take…


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