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QOTW: Interracial Dating in an Asian Country

Got this note a while back…

“hi- i luv your work on implementing interracial relationships i am an international student, an african living in malaysia studying law,i am not on the slim size but i have an hourglass figure not obessed OR FAT but medium or size 12- i am pure african not mixed but light in complexion – not bragging am realy pretty – i get compliments on the road cause of my beauty&alot of black guys ask me out – the issue i have with dating interracial is i dont even know where to meet the guys i go to nice areas ,shopping malls but none of them approach me,. and the arab guys & asian guys who come close as friends or just being nice are total perverts -all of them want to have sex with me-actually i have no interest in them- the white guys i hAvE seen or met just stare – i dont know if its a racist stare or shes cute but no go area – and more so am kind of like the shy type and am not used to being the chaser but being chased as i once considered stopping 1 of them & talking to them but that would be weird please i deeply need your advice THANK YOU IN ADVANCE.”

Here’s my take…

Another idea I didn’t suggest in the video is for this young lady to go to areas where ex-pats hang out such as bars, coffee shops, etc.

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