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QOTW: Texting Vs. Face to Face Contact…Which is Better?

Got this note from a real cutie…I’m going to put his photo up here. Poor Bambi tho…deer looking like, “Why?! WHYYYYY??????” Not even gonna lie…love when the youngsters hit me up like this. Warms my heart…


Hey Christelyn ! I had a question for you I watch alot of your youtube videos, I think you are awesome. forgive me if this gets kind of long I just want your perspective and maybe you can tell me what to do next! I had this african girl in my class the start of my freshman year last year, I always wanted to take her out never said anything to her though. Finally A year later last tuesday In class I went up to her and we hit it off she touched my knee alot and seemed really into me with the convo we left class together and walked for awhile and I got her number then she gave me a hug. I asked her out that same night via text and then sturday I picked her up took her to dennys talked alot had a good time then I took her to this ski hill and sat at the top and watched the sunset we cuddled up at the top of the hill for awhile I tried to kiss her and she said she needs more time I think maybe cause of past relationships, as I got back to the college to drop her off she said she had A great time and would like to go to the zoo before the semester ends, then she goes back to nyc, i told her I had a great time and that she can text me or call me anytime she gave me a hug and left.. now i have class with her everyday should I wait for her to text me or should I walk with her after class and ask her when she wants to go out again Is her not kisiing me bad? we had a really good time and I had her like a baby in my arms at the top of the hill she just said she needs more time. Thanks alot I really hop you can get back to me ASAP Im new to the whole dating scene and im kinda shy was wondering if you could give me advice on this Thanks!!

Here’s my take:

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