QOTW: White Guy Wants to Wait One Year Before He Introduces Girlfriend

The question:

I just saw your video Three Types of Men Who Should NOT Date Interracially.

Few years ago, I met a talented, educated, sexy and successful black girl. You can call both of us urban professionals. She did and still does a slightly bigger salary than me.

The relation lasted two years. Even though I knew my mother and the rest of my family (my father is dead )had prejudices about blacks, I DID introduce her to my family. My family was nice with her…but kept telling me to be careful with her (advise that I put on the account of racism).

Nonetheless, she turned out to be a gold digger because she was a compulsive gambler. I always had to lend her a lot of money to the point of myself having financial issue…

Besides the money problem, she lost her temper all the time, we fought all the time, therefore the relationship was a disaster. I kept giving her chance after chance because we both wanted a baby but, thank god, I never impregnated her. And… you have to know that I have a diagnosed Asperger syndrome, and we Aspie have hard time dealing with interpersonal issue and that makes us easy preys to some people like gold diggers. During our fights, she often accused me of being one of those white guys seeing all black women as gold diggers and she kept repeating me that if she was looking for a white sugar daddy (I am 5 years older than her) she would have at least chosen someone richer than her!

We have broken and I haven’t had any relationship since then.

So now, here is my situation: I am still VERY MUCH attracted to black women, but I know that in my family’s mind if I go out with a black woman again it would be as if I did not learn my lesson! That I keep looking for troubles etc…etc… Remember that EVEN if my ex-girlfriend was a successful career woman, she turned out, for my family, to be exactly the kind of black woman as they see and despite them! And I still owe my family money BTW.

So my question is: if I tell a black woman my story (above) and explained her that I want to wait a FULL year (to really know her) before introducing her to my family, would you still tell this girl NOT to date me?

You can reply on youtube or by email but please, keep my name/pseudo intact. You can call me Anthony though.


Here’s my take…

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