Dating & Marrying Ethnic Men

Question of the Week: How’s the Florida Swirl?

I got this question from a BB&W fan. She’s in serious need of our help ladies! That means get your coffee brewing, do your morning toilet biddness and get crack-a-lakin!

Hi Christel,
I’m a big fan of your blog. I love to comment from time to time and also learn something from the community of bw that comment also. I have a question. Right now I live in Ohio…I know..I know…it sucks for IR dating and I found that out this summer (long and crappy story-will tell later), however, I will be moving to Florida in the spring and I’m wondering if you could ask those that reside there to tell me if it IR friendly. Thanks for being a force in the fight for black women to find love and happiness.

Always a fan,


Since I have never been to Sunshine State myself, I have not a clue. But I’ll bet next month’s diaper budget that some of the BB&W family does. Jump in anytime!

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