Question of the Week

Question of the Week: “What Would Your Dream IRR Blockbuster Movie Look Like?”

This is the very first question I’ve gotten from a guy. I guess they hang out around here too.

There were many comments about the actress Andrea Bordeaux in that “Stare Master” short and how such a beautiful, talented actress should be cast in feature films. And I thought: Okay, what if some Hollywood bigwig wanted to make a film about a bw/wm relationship starring Ms. Andrea Bordeaux. Yet this is a oddball bigwig in that he cares about the script and wants the story (omg! An actual plot!) to resonate well with all the black women and their rainbeauxs. So the question you might pose to your readers is what would they suggest to the fictional Hollywood honcho (or honcha)? What ideas about the couple, plot and setting would you make? Is there a certain scene that you’ve always wanted to see in your dream IR movie? What cliches and stereotypes should be avoided? What song would you include in your dream IR movie soundtrack? Any particular song for a particular scene? Just a suggestion. Only because I read so many times about how there should be more IR movies made. And I think: No, there should be *good* IR movies made. And even *great* IR movies made. Not just more.

Thank you, ‘Torgoman,’ for this kick-arse question. Tell me, Torgo, are you a screen writer in disguise, fishing for free ideas? Well! How resourceful and clever of you.

Okay girls–brainstorm! Oh, and if you get a movie deal, you’d better put the BB&W crew in the credits, umkay?


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