Rachel Canning, Girl Suing Her Parents for College Tuition Just Might Be a Sociopath

Have you been following the story of 18-year-old college student, Rachel Canning, who is suing her parents, demanding that they pay for her high school and college tuition despite her absolute refusal to follow their rules? Honey-chile left when her parents had the NERVE to demand that she stop seeing a boy who they thought was a bad influence and adhere to their curfew. So instead of coming home when they asked and sneaking to see the boyfriend like any smart and cunning teenager would do, she packs her bags and then has the nerve to expect her parents to foot the bill. Not only that, she has convinced her friend’s father to pay for the lawyer that is suing her parents, raking up a cool $13,000 already.

What first might look like the antics of a ridiculously spoiled child might actually be the cold and calculated moves of a sociopath. The goal of a sociopath is to win, no matter what. The sociopath has no regard for the feelings of others and truly believes that people are nothing more than gambits for their sick games. Let’s look at the indicators: So because her parents won’t finance her debauchery, she besmirches her father’s good name by accusing him of molesting her. Lies. A Department of Families and Children inquiry cleared him of allegations of abuse. Says Sean Canning:

‘She is claiming every possible allegation; allegations which are simply not true. These claims are beyond hurtful.

‘Although we do not owe anyone an explanation, we did want you all to know that the allegations that Rachel has claimed – amongst which include our abandoning her, as well as emotional and physical abuse – simply never happened.

‘She ran away because she didn’t want to follow any rules. She stayed away because she had a place to go. That’s it.

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Then take a look at the correspondence between her and her parents:



Then there’s the transcript of the voice mail message…

 “Hi mom just to let you know you’re a real f**king winner aren’t you you think you’re so cool and you think you caught me throwing up in the bathroom after eating an egg frittatta, yeah sorry that you have problems now and you need to harp on mine because i didn’t and i actually took a s*** which i really just wanna s*** all over your face right now because it looks like that anyway, anyway i f***ing hate you and um I’ve written you off so don’t talk to me, don’t do anything I’m blocking you from just about everything, have a nice life, bye mom'”


Then there’s the photos of the parents crying their eyes out in court while she looks straight ahead without a sliver of emotion. Come now, think about when you were a kid…you see your parents crying their eyes out and you don’t sit there like it’s nothing, unless of course you are UNABLE to feel.




Rachel’s parents in evident pain…and her reaction during the court proceedings…


Sociopaths often come from homes in which they have been spoiled and indulged. They often get what they want because not doing so reaps so much of a headache that it’s just easier to acquiesce.

I know this young woman’s parents want their daughter to return home, but I honestly fear for their safety. It’s kids like this that I too-often see on Investigation Discovery. Startlingly, there’s some estimation that 1 in 4 people are sociopaths, so chances are you might know one, be related to one, or be one. Recommended reading: The Sociopath Next Door.

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